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Bears Rotisserie.

I received an email from a chap with a crazy name, wondering if I would design him and his partner an even crazier machine to help them with their new business venture. Although we were super busy he wouldn’t take no for an answer, I said that I would look for some parts and point him in the right direction but somehow we ended making his entire market stand! Lizzie and I were up north and found some great 1940′s artillery wheels and a 1923 vintage lawn mower (in case you are concerned – after doing some research I found out there were many examples still out there in circulation and this was going to end up rusting as a garden ornament).


I set about turning some tapered axels, making a rig that could happily lift 250+kilos and be movable buy one pair of hands.

DSC06926DSC06925DSC06924 DSC06937

The wheels needed lots of work to make them last the next 50 or so years, I ended up filling them with expandable foam to keep moisture out and pin the rust from swooshing around on the inside- genius!. The controls for the lifting mechanism were made from some old valve handles and a meat tenderising hammer.

DSC06957DSC06975 DSC06964DSC06977

Making and painting this beast with the limited space I have was a nightmare, even with the sun shining,  the slow drying green paint attracted loads of bugs. The roof of the rolling rig/stand is removable also serving as a table to work off. I also managed to find this lovely old casting which works so well as a detail and reinforcement for the front of the market cart.


DSC06959 DSC06989 DSC06995 DSC06991

The two tone interior and plywood sides work so well together and are now ready for sign writing.

Bear’s traditional machine will roast up to 20 chickens, you can sample some of their delicious food at Borough market.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 22.36.04