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the rag and bone man desk lamps

Its been a long time since I posted anything on the blog, but thanks to our wizard website creator Laurence Lord, I have been persuaded to get back on top of it. We have just been super busy with so many projects, I will blog about some of the interesting things that we have been up to in the next few posts and continue to update the blog with the exciting challenges to come.

DSC06679 IMG_6266

The pictures above show the before and after and a finished version of some lovely solid pendant lights that I made from industrial water meters. I have recently found some more and will try to get them in the shop soon as possible.

Below some coat hooks recently finished that will be in the shop any day soon.

IMG_1222_650x758 IMG_1228_20x25

Lizzie and I found this boat funnel at a jumble a while back, it came from an 1890′s Bristol pilot cutter called Freya II. It needed severe restoration but I have all ways wanted one of these for a mood light and it works super well for this purpose.


We had a large order for Orchid pots.


I have even restored a vintage bakers bike (I found in the scrap yard) to be used as a house sign, its been a long time since I did any sign writing and I enjoyed this allot.

DSC06790 DSC06796