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Kevin McCloud’s Green Hero 2013 – Grand Designs Live


After featuring as a Green Hero in Grand Designs Magazine we were selected as one of Kevin’s top 10 heroes of 2013 and so we invited to showcase some new work at Grand Designs Live!. The show opens on Saturday and runs to May 12th. Click here for more info


Manifold coat hooks.


Adjustable boot rack that spins to the left or right out the way.

IMG_1290_650x758IMG_1324_650x758 IMG_1299_650x758

Adjustable height desk stool made from bike forks, plumbing flanges, a jack, a spanner and a break disk. The stool has Vegetable tanned oak bark leather shoulder, dyed brown, for the seat top and back rest thanks to Bill Amberg.

IMG_1343_650x758IMG_1367_20x25IMG_1353_20x25 IMG_1360_650x758

The writing desk was made from heavily weathered thick sheet steel from a very large local river and a trailer chassis that had been re-worked on more than one occasion. It also has Vegetable tanned oak bark leather shoulder which works so well with the pitted steel.

IMG_1372_650x758DSC06867 IMG_1383_20x25

You can read more about this on Bill’s blog here.