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New Tools.


Above is a picture of a Jenny. It is a hand powered machine for rolling a flange into a sheet of metal. This particular tool is very old and was made on the Euston Road by F.J.Edwards.

Below is a picture of a swaging machine that is also very old, I have fully restored it to working order and will be using both machines for a new product coming soon.

DSC06710 DSC06711

The machine was cleaned up, degreased and re-oiled. I also had to make a base/stand, new handles and a new guide for the process that I will be using it for.


Below is a picture of a giant barrel puller I have made for removing the huge barrels from one of my aero engines, it is made from large motorcycle break disks, sprockets, and a vintage car jack that is soon to be a lamp.

DSC07155 DSC07149

Above a tool that I have made for decapitating golf clubs, it puts two tons of force onto the head. As a result I cracked the first vice that held the club in position (Below). The new vice is vintage and was made just round the corner in Crouch End.


If you haven’t got one of these, you need one. Great for clamping while drilling.