Supersized Aviation Lamps

Paul’s desk lamp design continues to incorporate key components from the A320 Aircraft seats. As shown above, each lamp varies slightly in their combination of parts in order to use the components from each row of seats most efficiently.

The new lamp shade design utilises aluminium fire extinguishers which are shaped to compliment the skeletal curve of the lamp body. These are then stripped and polished to a high shine finish.

The main architectural structure of the lamp has been powder coated with a light grey satin finish with sanded details and contrasted by highly polished components that highlight the detail of the original engineered design.

To celebrate our design we have launched a new Aviation serial code for our provenance tags. Each plate details the date each lamp was created with a unique serial number per piece.

We are able to offer these lamps in alternative colour finishes please contact us for details

Each lamp varies in size to a small degree due to the nature of the different components we are using however the maximum dimensions are as follows

Height 67cm
Width 21cm
Depth 48cm

Placing an Order
The Desk Lamps are priced at £800 each with 10% net profit from each piece continuing to go the NCCAUK who helps families affected by the childhood cancer neuroblastoma through supporting access to treatment, research, parent education and raising awareness.

Supersized Salvage Lamp
Supersized Salvage Lamp
Supersized Salvage Lamp
Supersized Salvage Lamp