Pattern #1 Conrod Bottle Opener

Found to FOUNDRY celebrates a selection of Paul’s favourite metal shapes rediscovered in greaseshops and scrapyards and saved from the melting pot.

Working with a traditional British foundry specialising in iconic automative restorations, we have reworked Paul’s metal hoard into our first range of sandcast aluminium pendant lights and cast iron accessories

We have been making conrod bottle openers for our clients for several years and are finally delighted to introduce our cast version. After several months prototyping our bottle opener celebrates the shape of an early and rare classic British motorcycle conrod. Our bottle opener is presented in a leather pouch inspired by the traditional motorcycle tool roll and is cast from grade 17 refined grey iron from a British foundry. The opener has been finished using a blend of pure linseed oil and white beeswax to protect its surface.

Dims 21cm x 6cm x 2.5cm
Weight 650g

industrial bottle opener
Industrial bottle opener
bespoke industrial bottle opener
£95(delivery available)
industrial bottle opener